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Juicebox Branding is a full service design shop located in upstate New York. We specialize in helping businesses all over the world develop and design their unique brand identities, and translate that identity to the web by utilizing a number of platforms that fit your business best like Hubspot, Wordpress or Big Commerce.

The Founders


Mike Cerio

Founding Partner
Chief Executive Officer

Mike has been operating in the world of the internet entrepreneur, in one capacity or another, since 1998 when he created an online student community and discount service while earning his Marketing degree in upstate New York.

Since that time he has honed his marketing chops in a variety of areas including event coordination for one of the nations largest medical device manufactures, as direct marketing manager for a national newspaper, and within the agency world; where he was fortunate enough to work with the likes of Fortune 100® companies on the front lines of integrating direct marketing with the emerging world of the web.


Justin Estlinbaum

Founding Partner
Chief Creative Officer

After spending time touring the United States as a guitarist, Justin attended college in western New York, earning his BFA in graphic design (2006). In the years following, he has designed the graphic identities for companies in industries ranging from finance to fashion, tobacco to dairy farmers.

Website design was a natural progression for Justin and after spending time as a freelancer, he co-founded Juicebox Branding.

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